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  • GMO Free
  • Paleo, Keto, Macro Friendly Dieting
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About Us

Hemp seeds are the ultimate plant based food. They’re beyond the 9 essential
amino acids for complete protein - they supply 20-amino acids. That’s more
digestible protein than meat, fish, eggs, cheese, or cow’s milk. They’re a full plate
of omega’s plus numerous vitamins and minerals. A true superfood!

We’re all about hemp seeds and have been since 2009. We only source and
package great tasting hemp seeds; you’ll taste the difference. All our hemp is
grown in North America. Don’t get fooled. Some hemp seeds have been imported
from China into Canada; then shipped to the U.S. making claim of being a Product
of Canada.

You’ll love our foods that are gluten free, soy free, nut free; and most products
are dairy free. A cool thing about hemp seeds, they support many dietary needs.
Their complex carbohydrate helps to regulate blood sugar; they’re anti-
inflammatory. They fit vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, keto, paleo and Macro
dieting. They’re delicious and easy to include in daily eating.

As sure as the sun rises, eating hemp seeds won’t make you high or cause you to
fail a drug test. Hemp seeds are not a significant source of THC, CBD or other
phytocannabinoids. They’re a whole food packed with nutrition and they’ve been
legal to buy, sell and eat in the United States since 1998.

Our foods are blended and packaged in a certified gluten free facility.

Laura and Joseph Noble
Eat Good. Feel Good. Look Good. #EatSomeHemp
Founders of L & J Enterprises, home of Lady Jane Plant Based Foods