Gluten Free Hemp Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix


We spent many Sunday family breakfasts chowing down on grandma’s buttermilk pancakes. During August, it was a special treat because blueberries were in season. Grammy’s ole buttermilk pancake recipe did not have hemp flour, but I assure you, she would definitely approve of how I changed out a few things. The mix is flexible to use dairy or non-dairy milk, although I still love buttermilk the best; include an egg or no egg. The blend is flexible to meet your household’s dietary needs.


The protein can’t be beat in these awesome tasting pancakes. They’re a complete protein carrying 20-amino acids straight from Mother Nature, meaning nothing’s isolated so your body can easily digest all of the goodness they hold. No one will guess they’re gluten free either. Their mild nutty flavor and lends to adding bananas and walnuts, blueberries or other fresh berries. They are the best pancakes you’ll ever eat!


The mix can also double as a GF breading for veggies, meat and fish. Add your favorite spices like cracked pepper, garlic, thyme and rosemary or Italian spices to the mix and use as a fry coating that will crisp up nice and bring extra nutrition to your fried zucchini sticks, eggplant, or pickles. You’ll want to pan fry at a slightly lower temperature. Air fryers are a heart smart choice. Enjoy!

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GF Hemp Protein Pancakes & Waffle Mix (2 hemp ingredients) 50% powder & hearts
Dec-21 120221 Hemp Protein Powder 50% (HOC)
May-22 051622 Hemp Protein Powder 50% (HOC)
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Hulled Hemp Seeds (Hemp Hearts) Better Hemp Company
Hulled Hemp Seeds (Hemp Hearts) Better Hemp Company
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